Bloemberg Ecologie is an ecological landscaping company that strives to give nature more space by designing and maintaining gardens and other open spaces in an ecological manner. The work we do includes:


- Creation of ecological garden designs.

- Creation of ecological planting plans.

- Ecological garden maintenance.

- Providing ecological gardening advice.


The ecological or environmentally friendly gardens designed and maintained by Bloemberg Ecology stimulate the native flora and fauna. By using sustainable materials and by meeting the demands animals and plants put on their environment, a natural paradise can be formed in your own garden. Preference is given to the development of gardens with a specific group of animals in mind, such as a bee and butterfly garden. In this manner, the space can be optimally used to stimulate this group. Your garden will quickly be filled with these animals, allowing you to enjoy a magnificent natural spectacle. Because helping nature is the main goal of Bloemberg Ecologie, we try to offer a lot of information on this site about how you can turn your garden into a wildlife-friendly place.


Why a wildlife garden?

Nature in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world, is increasingly cornered in part due to the increasing amount of pavement in gardens. People- in increasing rates- choose to pave their garden completely, but do not realize that by doing so, they actively participate in the disappearance of many plant and animal species. At present, many species have already gone extinct in the Netherlands, and every year new species are added to the red list of endangered plants and animals. People commonly have the mind-set that nature is a wilderness that is located somewhere else, and that gardens and buildings are something for people where nature does not, or should not, exist. However, in a world where more and more natural areas are used for construction, while no previously constructed area is ever turned back into nature, there can be only one result. By transforming gardens into natural, or at least nature friendly places, we might be able to turn the tide.


Aren’t wildlife-friendly gardens messy?

People often choose to pave over their garden because they think a more wildlife-friendly garden takes a lot of maintenance or just looks messy. However, this need not be the case at all. By using plants that can compete with weeds or by using the right material, your garden can help nature and still be low maintenance and be beautiful. In fact, they often take less maintenance than a heavily paved garden once a nature-friendly garden has developed well. A natural garden will eventually reach a certain balance where the plants will have taken up all space available, and weeds will no longer be able to sprout, or at least grow in much lower numbers. Weeds only tend to become worse over time in a paved garden, or in a garden with a lot of empty open ground.


Will you help?

Would you not prefer a country with beautiful nature, which we can enjoy and be proud of? Then choose to make your garden more environmentally friendly. If enough people make this choice the decline of biodiversity can be inhibited, perhaps even discontinued. Let’s provide nature all the space we can.

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What we do

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